• Lila Nath Paudel Gramin Adarsha Multiple Campus, Balaju
Keywords: mediation, rhetoric, discourse, manipulation


With the development of mass media, newspapers have become one of the major media sources for us to get information of all sorts from all over the globe. Newspaper headlines constitute a significant part of media discourse. Specifically, certain features of newspaper headlines and also their significant role in grabbing readers’ attention have made the interface between the linguistic and rhetorical analysis of news headlines and the alteration of the reality. By conducting a textual analysis of selected headlines, taken from the headlines of English newspapers published from Nepal, namely, The Kathmandu Post, Republica, and The Himalayan Times, the present study aimed at exploring the kinds of textual and rhetorical strategies the three newspapers employed while conveying the meaning. The results of the study indicated that the media can go to the extent of altering the reality of the news by using linguistic devices like presupposition, passivization, and rhetorical devices like simile, metaphor, personification, irony, parallelism and many others to persuade the readers and to some extent even manipulate the meaning of the news.

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